GRB – Gesellschaft für Risikomanagement mbH

Patient Safety

The primary objective of any Clinical Risk Management Measures is safety for all patients, because they have a right to professional diagnostics, treatment and care that protect against harm. 

International safety standards 

GRB is guided by the action areas concerning patient safety, and also by the recommendations provided by the Council of the European Union. In addition, the national standards defined by the German Coalition for Patient Safety and the Swiss Foundation for Patient Safety as well as the Austrian Platform for Patient Safety are also integrated into our activities.  

To err is human
The report "To Err is Human" (Kohn et al., 2000) published in the USA by the Institute of Medicine in 1999, focuses for the first time on risks in patient care, and identifies the healthcare industry as high-risk industry (in addition to the nuclear industry and others). Since its publication, this report has been the basis for worldwide current reflections and initiatives on increasing patient safety.