Safety Marketing

Transparency creates confidence The active involvement of patients is a crucial aspect of the efforts to improve patient safety. The Patients' Rights Act (PatRG), in force in Germany since 2013, heads in the right direction. Now, it is required that patients are more informed about possible risks, existing prevention measures and risk checkpoints than before the entry into force of this act; because a successful risk prevention means that patients know the upcoming treatment process. This involves informing about possible risks and about possible safety procedures which have to be taken in advance. Over the years, we have established different ways and means to meet the increasing demands of a transparent safety marketing.

Patient risk and safety inquiry (PaRis)
In cooperation with the research group Metrik GmbH i.G. & Co. KG i.G., we offer the inquiry tool PaRiS (Patient risk and safety inquiry). With the aid of this computer-based inquiry tool, patients have the possibility to give feedback on their experiences whilst they were in hospital. This information is entered into the evaluation system, and thus makes a major contribution towards optimising patient safety. 

With the support of a professional film team, we produce videos (SafeScene).