Klinisches Risikomanagement

Clinical Risk Management

Clinical risk management is a must for every healthcare facility. A growing number of liability insurers tie the provision of liability cover to appropriate risk prevention instruments being in place. In future, the insurance industry will increasingly set out conditions that actually define in concrete terms the framework for structuring clinical risk management systems. The professional management of measures to improve patient safety becomes increasingly important. It is essential to minimize liability risks and to give due consideration to patients' expectations for safe patient care.  

System-based organization
Professional clinical risk management helps to bring organizational process risks under control. Clinical risk management includes, amongst others, the following aims: 

  • Creating transparency for risk factors in medical treatment processes 
  • Increasing patient safety by risk preventive measures 
  • Higher quality standards within the facility
  • Improving the competitiveness of a hospital 
  • Reducing medical malpractice liability claims

We help you to achieve your goals
With an eye on the success of your clinical risk management, we assess the performance of your organization. Based on the risk management process, we identify risks in clinical processes, examine the effectiveness of already established prevention measures and early warning systems, and develop tailored recommendations to optimize existing processes. We also install sustained and effective control instruments to increase the safety level of your patients.

We accompany you on your way towards better safety and increased satisfaction of your patients and staff.