Consulting Approach

Comprehensive claims database
We have analyzed more than 185,000 claims of patients and integrated them into Europe's largest database. This store of information forms the basis of our consultancy expertise. Our clients profit from this unique and always current pool of experience and knowledge.

Professional knowledge and practical experience
Our team consists of qualified experts who all have extensive clinical experience. Furthermore, we, as trained risk consultants (in accordance with ONR 49000 pp. and ISO 31000), also have acquired various further qualifications – a specialist technical expertise that enables us to tackle even challenging topics with pragmatism and professionalism.

Many years of consulting experience
Since many years, we are conducting risk analyses in hospitals and healthcare facilities. During our consultations, we have seen good and bad examples of risk preventative measures. All of these have been integrated into our consultancy expertise. Our catalogue of prevention measures is being continuously updated.

Information on our consultants' comprehensive expertise can be found on our website's team page.