GRB – Gesellschaft für Risikomanagement mbH

Compliancy Check and Risk Management Consulting for Healthcare Facilities – ISO 31000/ONR 49000 ff.

With the assessment instrument KonRAT, we have developed a procedure for assessing your risk management system, which is specifically adapted to the requirements of the healthcare sector on the basis of the generic German ISO-standard 31000 and the Austrian standard ONR 49000 et seqq. 

Structure of the risk management system  
Our assessment instrument KonRAT is based on the classical PDCA cycle. We take up any existing potentials and organizational structures of your company and integrate these into the standards structure of ISO 31000. Necessary additions and measures will be identified and initiated. You decide whether the conformity check according to ISO 31000 or the certification according to ONR 49000 et seqq. reinforces the preventive function of your overall concept.