Consulting Services


Since 1994, we have successfully provided advice to hospitals and healthcare facilities on establishing risk management and quality management systems in clinical and organizational processes. 

Business areas of GRB
Since the early 90s, Quality Management (QM) found its way into healthcare. Less than 10 year later, Clinical Risk Management (cRM) followed with the aim to reduce complications and loss ratios. Furthermore, a movement and further development towards Patient Safety Management (PSM) has been identified in recent years.

The concepts of QM, cRM und PSM are not to be considered separately from each other. On the contrary, they are strongly connected and have logical relationships of one another. The cRM operationalizes the QM, the PSM specifies the cRM and focuses on the addresses of medicine and care.

GRB's business areas of Organizational Development, Knowledge Transfer and Safety Marketing connect all three concepts, thus ensuring an individual comprehensive consulting service.

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