Das Team der GRB

About us

We are qualified risk advisors, who provide assistance to hospitals and healthcare facilities for the implementation of a successful quality and clinical risk management – from Organizational Development and Knowledge Transfer up to Safety Marketing. Our major focus is on risk-preventive recommendations for patient safety and on avoiding medical malpractice liability claims. 

Professional with a human touch – our corporate culture
As independent experts, we observe everyday hospital routines from an objective perspective. In doing so, we combine theory and practice. On the basis of our observations and interviews with clinical employees, we identify risks and vulnerabilities to safety.

Quality creates safety – our corporate philosophy
We pursue a clear corporate philosophy that is based on a comprehensive quality understanding. This is not just limited to our Consulting Services but extends to the full range of GRB's activities. In addition to many years of professional experience, we have specialist expertise. We have ONR 49000ff. qualifications. The regular attendance in advanced trainings and briefings to recent findings of the 'World Health Organization' WHO, 'Aktionsbündnis Patientensicherheit' APS (the Coalition for Patient Safety) and of other professional medical associations, keep our expertise up-to-date. In addition, we also have access to one of the largest European claims databases. Our corporate philosophy is the foundation of our success – client satisfaction through optimized patient safety. 

Across Europe – GRB international
In recent years, we have extended our consulting services beyond the borders of Germany. Today, we  support hospitals and healthcare facilities in Austria, Switzerland, France and Italy and help them to implement effective risk management measures for diagnosis, therapy and nursing. GRB operates a branch in Italy, and, jointly with Ecclesia GEAS Sanità S.r.l., is committed to patient safety.